10 signs you're working with a holding company agency

Posted by: Steve Gardner
Wed 01 Sep 2010 01:09 p.m.

Tags: advertising, agencies, agency planner, executive creative director, holding company, top ten

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10. Every time you call the agency with a request, someone has to check to see if it's covered in the scope of work.

9. Members of your media team introduce themselves to the creative team in your meeting.

8. The creative team glazes over when you try to explain really important things about your product.

7. One or two junior people show up at every meeting and never say a word.

6. The agency planner thinks "Facebook" is an idea.

5. A different client at the agency produces a commercial that has the same punchline as a storyboard you rejected six months ago.

4. Within three months, the team assigned to your account is completely different from the team that was promised in the new business pitch.

3. Your primary account contact has been in the business 13 years less than you.

2. The agency is more concerned about the profit they make on your business than the profit you make on your business.

1. You make a special request that their Executive Creative Director attend a key meeting, and he cancels at the last minute. 

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